She gets her time with me and I get her being active!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Growing up I was a very active child.  My brother and I were always outside playing or involved in sports.  Our father was our coach for most sports as well.  Fast forward to now, I want my kids to be able to enjoy sports as much as I did.  My oldest doesn’t seem interested in participating, but wants to be active.  We are trying to find what she likes to do sports wise just to stay active and healthy. Getting her to actually participate is another thing! I thought maybe offering to be a coach would help.

If I signed up to be her coach in basketball, she said she would participate. Instead it was me paying attention to all the other kids too.  She didn’t get what she wanted, which was spending time with me. And I didn’t get her to participate much. We continue to try different sporting activities and I watch from the sidelines. And also try to find things to do together without a younger sibling.

Our quality time is usually going shopping to buy stuff for her and getting lunch.  She loves this because she likes to get presents.  I didn’t want her associating time with me as me buying her stuff.  Then with a snow storm entering the area her basketball was cancelled.  This opened up a Saturday morning, and we signed up for kid’s yoga at The Zen Box.  She absolutely loved it! We were able to try poses together and she was able to run around and be silly.

This class was a win-win for both of us. She gets her time with me and I get her being active!

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