This summer I had to change my “me time”

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Currently I am a stay at home mom.  My oldest child is currently 7, and in first grade in the NS school district. I worked full time before and after she was born in a busy doctor’s office. I absolutely loved my job until I had a child. Then the hours were to much and I was missing milestones.  Then I became pregnant with #2 and during that pregnancy I had decided I was not going to come back to work after birth.  Luckily my parent’s owned their own business and needed someone to work part time. I could drop my oldest off at school and be there to pick her up. My baby would go to an in home daycare for a few days a week.

Life was good until Christmas 2 years ago and I couldn’t move. My back was absolutely stiff. I was going to my chiropractor on a regular basis, but something just stuck and I was in pain. Most of this was from my job and poor posture holding the kids, etc.  I had to go to rehab at the chiropractor’s office to get myself back to a functioning parent.  I will never forget what they told me I needed to do, I had to get my core back. I had to hold planks and do bird dogs.  Such simple moves to get myself using my core instead of my back.

This summer I had to change my “me time”, I was going to get my nails done every 2 weeks. But with my husband’s schedule it just wasn’t working. Plus it was a lot of money just to have pretty nails. I was watching a college friend on Instagram training for marathons. She is in the best shape of her life and I was envious.  It really started to sink in I needed to do something for myself and to better my health.  I had done gyms before, I didn’t care for the atmosphere. . Enter: YOGA, oh that’s something I can do, I have done it before and was doing some for rehab.

I needed something that would work with our family schedule and affordable.  I could do evening classes, but would need to find childcare. I was really hoping to find a place that I could do classes while the youngest was in preschool. Low and behold The Zen Box was perfect!  I had more class options and the kicker of FREE CHILDCARE for certain classes.  My friend had done classes here before too, so I knew someone that she likes this place. Plus she trusted the owner with her kids!

I signed myself up for the introductory promotion. My worries walking into my first class: what am I getting myself in to and please don’t let this place make me feel judged.  Loved it and never once have I felt judged.  The only person judging me is myself, and I am slowly learning to stop that voice in my head!!!  And thanks to the 12 days of Christmas challenge, I have inspired my friend to join as well.  Social media may have a lot of negatives, but it got me in the door and a friend.

My chiropractor appointments are still 2 weeks apart, but I have noticed a big difference in how I feel between appointments. And if I don’t go to yoga my body yells, and keeps me accountable.

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